2019 Professors Without Borders Program Tour: Senegal

Today PROWIBO launches its first short course in Senegal at Lycée Malick SY de Thiés. Our one-week short course is led by Nadine Minampala.

Lycée Malick SY de Thiés was founded in 1965. The institution offers 14 subjects including:  mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, French, English, history & geography, philosophy and foreign languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, German and Arabic. Students also have access to a variety of physical education facilities including: three football playgrounds, two basketball fields, two handball fields, a Senegalese Wrestling arena and a gymnasium. The institution also hosts a Student Government, which serves as the voice of students in administrative, social and educational matters. 

Lycée Malick SY de Thiés

Nadine is leading a course in entrepreneurship. The aim of the course is to enable each participant to acquire tools and acquire new attitudes, knowledge and skills for the development of a social entrepreneurship project. At the end of the course, the students should understand that the Profitable social business model must meet a social or societal need.

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