2019 Professors Without Borders Tour: India Part 1

Avadh Girl's PG College's front building

The PROWIBO program cycle is picking up speed. This week we return to Lucknow, India to deliver short courses at two all-female institutions, Avadh Girls’  P.G. College and Karamat Husain Muslim Girls P.G. College by an all-female team. On Monday PROWIBO will launch our first short course at the Avadh Girls’ P.G. College.  The program will run from August 5th until August 16th.

Avadh Girls’ P.G. College is an all-female higher education institution in Lucknow, India. It was founded by the Loreto Convent in 1958; however, it was placed under the jurisdiction of the Avadh Educational Society in 1975. The college contains an impressive academic catalogue complete with a nationally recognized Faculty of Commerce. Moreover, the college not only pushes its students to strive for academic excellence, but it also allows them to transform into active members of the community. The college requires that each student becomes a member of three compulsory school clubs: social service, sports, and entertainment. 

Our program at Avadh features Samira Barzin and Alisha Tuldahar, who will be teaching courses in Spatial Economics and Design Thinking.

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