2019 Professors Without Borders Tour: India Part 2

The presentation of certificates

The Professors Without Borders’ 2019 program cycle is nearing its end. This year our programs and partnerships expanded like never before as we hosted five short courses and sent 15 academics and professionals around the world to teach over 500 students. Next week we launch our second short course in Lucknow, India at the Karamat Husain Muslim Girls PG College. This program will mark our second year at Karamat and our second all-female program this summer!

The Karamat Husain Muslim Girls PG College was established as a degree college in 1946. The core mission of the college is to provide young women with opportunities for skill development and empower them to confront issues, such as social sensitivity and environmental consciousness. In addition to an impressive course catalog, the Karamat Husain Muslim Girls College has a vibrant sports program featuring N.S.S, Hockey, Javelin, Badminton, Shot-put, Basketball, High Jump, Long Jump.

Our team includes PROWIBO veteran Georgiana Epure and Kasia Hanula, who will be delivering courses in policy advocacy and design thinking.

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