A Day in the Life of a PROWIBO Lecturer: Andrew

PROWIBO values the hard work and dedication of all our volunteer lecturers. We know that their job is not an easy one, so we wanted to shed light on the work that they do. Our lecturers help us ensure that our programs are engaging, educational, and fun.

Please enjoy the following post from Andrew, lecturer at ARU.

6h00 – Wake up, have a hot shower and get ready for the day

 7h00 – Enjoy morning tea and bananas with your colleagues

7h45 – Foundation Course: the entire teaching and admin staff, students, and any visitors congregate in the main hall to watch a presentation, given by a volunteer. These typically begin with a video clip that is discussed until a consensus is reached. Topics range from gameshows to more controversial topics (such as cannibalism) and news of the day

9h00 – Breakfast! Breakfast consists of tea, chapati, eggs, and sweet bread. If we’re nice, we’ll get pineapple or watermelon as well.

Breakfast at ARU.

10h00-13h00 – Classes begin. We will either teach the undergraduate students as one large group (ranging in size from 5-20 students) or facilitate a staff development workshop for the teaching and admin staff (15-20 people)

Staff members discuss research methods.

13h00 – Lunch! Lunch is served in the guest dining hall, and consists of rice, “matoke”, beans, and fruit. If we’re lucky, we’ll be treated to the local “nut sauce” or “tomato-and-carrot” sauce – which quickly became our favourites

14h00-17h00 – Back to class for another 3 hours.

17h00-19h00 – Break time! After a long day of teaching/facilitating, it’s usually time for a break. It’s a good opportunity to review lesson progress of the day, prep for the next day’s foundation class or lessons, and possibly catch a short nap before dinner.

19h00 – Dinner! Dinner is once again served in the guest dining hall, where we’re usually joined by other guests staying at the University. We enjoy a nice chat over a meal, finishing up with tea before heading to bed around 20h30.

Dinner at ARU.

Many thanks for Andrew for sharing his routine with us. To stay up to date on our lecturers, please visit our blog.


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