Engaging in a National Development Debate and Reflecting on Our First Week of Teaching at IPAM

The first week of our 2019 programme at the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) in Freetown, Sierra Leone has come a successful close, setting expectations high for the upcoming week!

The courses being taught by our lecturers included subjects varying from communications, law, finance and psychology.

Our team was very happy with the level of motivation and critical engagement from students. Charlie D. congratulated the cohort on showing very good grasp of the key economic principles in his Finance for Africa course, and Mark  was happy that students were still able to make it to class despite the adverse weather conditions experienced mid-week.

In Charlie’s class, students had to create a budget for Sierra Leone aimed at boosting economic growth in the country. The exercise required students to “represent institutions lobbying for a share of government revenue” for important areas of concern such as education, health, industry and law.

According to Charlie, students demonstrated a better grasp of economics than they had the previous year. “They also seemed more engaged”, he added.

On Friday the students engaged in a National Development Debate where they were able to build on the themes that they have been learning since Monday. Mark and Charlotte supervised Group 1 and Group 2, while Charlie and George supervised Group 3 and Group 4. In the exercise, the groups were tasked with designing pitches for the World Bank, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the International Monitary Fund (IMF) and the Chinese government.

Students posing for a picture.
Professor Charlotte Wells teaching a class.
Charlotte Wells and Mark Horne giving a lecture.
Professor George mentoring his students.
Students discussing in groups.

Many thanks to the students, administration of IPAM, as well as Charlie, George, Mark, Charlotte and Majeks for making the most out of the experience!

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