A New Beginning in Lucknow, India

The welcoming ceremony

At the beginning of this week PROWIBO launched its first short course at the Avadh Girls’  P.G. College in Lucknow, India to a great reception and engagement from students!

Our all-female team of lecturers include Samira Barzin and Alisha Tuldahar, who are teaching courses in Spatial Economics and Design Thinking. Samira’s course will investigate economic problems considering the georgraphical space to the field, while Alisha will be delivering her own course on Design Thinking with a hands-on and introdutory approach, focusing on the concept of design thinking as well as its applications.

Alisha found the cohort of students at Avadh Girls Degree College to be inspirational and incredibly aware of complex issues happening not only in India but also around the world, such as climate change and waste. “Their willingness to learn and solve some of these issues is really commendable”, she adds.

We’re proud to share that our programme and organisation has been feautured in a newspaper report in the Times News Network!

“I am extremely glad that I was offered this opportunity to come to Lucknow and interact with students from Avadh Girls Degree College” – Alisha

In addition to the short course at Avadh, Alisha and Samira will visit Sanatkada, a local women’s organisation, to assist with a workshop series.

The Sanatakada Craft shop

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