A New Beginning in Lucknow, India

Today, Professors Without Borders’ launched its newest summer school program at the Karamat Husain Muslim Girls’ P.G. College in Lucknow, India. The program will last until August 15th.

We have worked with our teachers and with the college to develop a program that will engage students in discussion surrounding communication skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and civil society development.

In addition to our program at the college, our team is working with the Sadbhavana Trust to develop   workshop sessions, which respond to the Trust’s specific needs and goals. These workshops will focus on women working in three areas:  video and film production, various community work with families living in marginalised communities aiming to empower the girl child, and the Sanatkada craft shop. The workshop starts tomorrow and will begin with participants working on visualising their business model using Canvas.


Philippa, Rachel, and Suzanne had an eventful first day. They started the day with the welcome assembly at Karamat.

Philippa (second from the left), Suzanne (centre), and Rachel (second from the right) at the opening ceremony for the summer school.

“We really appreciate the effort the team is putting in, so much thinking goes into their work.”-Noor Khan, PROWIBO India Coordinator.


Following the opening ceremony, Philippa, Rachel and Suzanne began their first day of classes at the college.

Philippa introduces her course “Civil Society, Social Groups and Communities“.

“It was a great start. Everyone at the university has been incredibly welcoming, and the students are full of energy, bright, and engaged,” said Philippa.


Then the team rounded off the school day with a whole group activity. They conducted a warm-up game called ‘Change Places if…’.

“The students are very bright. We share in their enthusiasm for our time together. We were each given a beautiful bouquet of red roses. It’s an honour to be here.”-Suzanne


Following a successful start to the program, Philippa, Suzanne, Rachel, and Noor traveled to Sanatkada to discuss the upcoming workshop.

Philippa, Suzanne, and Noor Khan sitting in the meeting at Sanatkada.


Many thanks to the Karamat Husain Muslim Girls’ P.G. College for a beautiful opening ceremony. We hope that our teachers and students have an incredible experience over these next two weeks.

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