A Community Walk, A Video Project and A Visit to the UN

Our summer school in Bangkok continues with an interactive assignment and a visit to the UN in Thailand.

Enjoy this video diary from Rachel, where she walks us through her third day of teaching students at SWU.

Watch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci6AtByS574

Tessy, Rachel, Lorna and Dr. Sipim Sornbanlang of SWU visited the offices of UNAIDS Asia Pacific and UN Development Asia-Pacific for an informal brainstorming session. They were joined by Chiptas Tant Kridakon, Deputy Secretary of the Democrat Party, Louise, the wife of the ambassador of Luxembourg to Thailand, and Chompoo Chompoonutjinda of the Thai Foreign Office. Tessy expressed how she was honoured to have met the UNAIDS team in Thailand.

At SWU Rachel began her third day with an interactive assignment for the students. Rachel instructed the students to walk around campus looking for examples of the needs for UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and identify existing solutions to justify the SDGs that were already put in place in the community.

Following the exercise, the students began to work on a small video project, which will address the questions Rachel raised on the possible connections between the global and local applicability of the SDGs.

The evening ended with a heartfelt goodbye to Tessy, whose time in Thailand has come to an end for now.

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