A Workshop on Design Thinking in Education and Our Last Session With The Sanatkada Team

As we approach the last day of PROWIBO’s summer school at  Karamat College, our professors continue to keep the students engaged with exciting and interesting activities!

In a very busy penultimate day, Georgiana‘s sessions focused on effective communication for policy advocacy. She and the students played a short game to illustrate the importance of giving clear instructions, then looked at how to develop key advocacy messages by stating the problem, the solution and the call to action (in other words, appealing to the audience’s hearts, heads and hands). The game continued with the students having to think about their own policy advocacy key message. The students will continue this exercise alongside the final edits to their posters. To conclude the session all students and professors will gather for an exhibition of their work in the format of a world cafe, allowing students to peer assess their work.

Students at Georgiana’s Thursday class.
Part of Georgiana’s exercise to students where they learn how to develop key advocacy messages.

After the sessions with the students, Kasia and Georgiana had a session with the professors form Karamat and other colleges nearby. The other colleges were very kind and welcomed them with flowers and a banner. Kasia and Georgiana’s session with the professors focused on design thinking for educators and non-formal education methods. It was very well received, with quite a few questions being asked at the end.

Kasia and Georgiana being welcomed by other colleges in Lucknow with flowers and a banner.

In the afternoon, our professors had their last session with the Sanatkada team. After covering fundraising and budgeting, in their last meeting, they discussed how to increase Sanatkada’s visibility and promote their social enterprise and products.

On a less serious note, our professors ended the day by having their first cappuccino in 2 weeks, making for a good farewell as we approach the final day of our short course at Karamat!

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