About our courses


All courses are designed to develop professional skills while imparting essential and relevant knowledge to the students following a Liberal Arts model.

Courses are adapted to each country where we teach and universities can request specific courses.

Each course lasts between 3 and ten days with a minimum of an hour and a half of class each day.

All courses are university-level from undergraduate to masters and are self-contained; meaning students are not required to have previous experience with taught material.

We aim to make students aware of the world as well as encourage them to develop a responsible and responsive attitude to their immediate surrounding.

We believe that by developing talent at home and encouraging students to build their skills as well as their confidence, they will contribute to the development and growth of their country.

Our students:

Our students are typically undergraduate and graduate university attendees.
We teach students with any degree background as our courses built on their skills and develop new knowledge.

Past courses

For current courses in 2022 see Where We Work


  • Community Conflict Resolution in Africa
  • Advocacy and NGOs
  • Circular Economy

Sierra Leone

  • Finance
  • Epidemiology
  • Health and Business
  • Law


  • Negotiations for Problem-Solving
  • Communications for Impact


  • Finance
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Business Law
  • Critical Skill Development

Sierra Leone

  • Am I Wrong? Decision-Making Processes and Real-World Applications
  • Finance for Africa
  • Public and Political Communications – Speaking to Power and People
  • Terrorism – Modi Operandi and Mitigation


  • Social Entrepreneurship


  • Exploring Ethics
  • Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Leading, Accelerating and Sustaining Social Change


  • Design Thinking for the 3rd Sector
  • Young Women Leadership: The Art & Science of Policy Advocacy
  • Design Thinking
  • An Introduction to Spatial Economics


  • Contemporary Communications

We also offer selective workshops on CV building, conducting research, first aid etc…