About us

Professors Without Borders is a charity that specializes in university education. You can follow our teachers’ journey in our online Diary

We have three branches that help us fulfil our mission to connect educators and students worldwide to increase equal access to inspiring learning experiences in higher education:

  • Prowibo builds customized short, intensive courses that are made available to any institution that invites us to their campus. The summer school model has been a proven success among the elite, and we aspire to make it available to all university students. If you want to learn, we can help! Our educators are passionate volunteers who are keen to make a difference in the lives of their students and build their skills and confidence to prepare them for their future careers.

So far we have been invited to host free summer schools in Sierra Leone, Uganda, Thailand, India, Senegal, Cameroon, Laos and Nigeria. We aim to expand our reach and help all students achieve their dreams and enjoy the journey.

  • Think Tank shares our learning with other academics and policymakers. We published several papers a year based on our experience in-country.
  • Online is a free platform to connect professors and institutions for online/remote guest lectures on any topic. This fills a local knowledge gap and assists professors as we move online.

    All courses are taught by experienced professionals who focus on skills building for the 21st century. In addition, we provide free career development support on our website.

“The quartet you sent us was just wonderful. It is difficult to imagine a better group. They blended perfectly in the ARU community. Both students and staff loved them. We long to have them (or a similar group) again. Thank you for putting together this wonderful team” – Joseph Mukiibi, Vice Chancellor ARU

“Thank you PROWIBO. The summer school in July was great. Education is the foundation for a better future but it takes a visionary to appreciate that. It is clear that we have a massive task to accomplish but with determination and ambition, we must overcome” – Raschid, student at Fourah Bay College.

“We would love for more students to access this programme and hope you can send more lecturers next year” – Sipim. Lecturer at Srinakharinwirot University

“It is insane how well we have worked together” – Ena. Professors Without Borders volunteer lecturer in Uganda

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