2016 Programme



We partnered with Majeks’ old school, The Prince of Wales School in Freetown. Because it is an all boys’ school, we also partnered with local girls’ schools to educate both genders together. The education of women is an important part of our project. Mixed classrooms help increase gender equality and respect. And women’s higher education is critical to development.

The students were fantastic – always asking more questions, completing their homework to an excellent standard (sometimes in difficult conditions) and producing some truly wonderful end-of-course presentations.

When we arrived in Freetown, we were saddened to discover that the very first questions asked of our professors by the students were how they could get scholarships to universities in other countries. However, by the end of our two weeks, we could see a real change – students were more inclined to see if they could help sort the issues they saw around them.


Several hours drive from Freetown, Bo welcomed two lecturers, Joya and Josh. The students had a range of expectations and skills which meant that our professors had to display one of our core values – innovation – and essentially start from scratch.

The professors spent time evaluating where the knowledge gaps in the students were and adapted and designed courses to help fill those gaps. These included some important soft skills such as sexual education and first aid. The students were eager to learn and later took on some of the more challenging course material, including African history and law and ethics.