Adapting to a New Environment, Assessing Student Expectations and A Unique Approach to Teaching

Avadh Girl's PG College's front building

We have reached a great end to our first week of teaching at Avadh Girls’ P.G. College in Lucknow, India, setting expectations high for the week to follow!

Samira and Alisha  taught courses in Spatial Economics and Design Thinking to an all-female cohort of students from extremely diverse academic backgrounds.

According to Samira, the students seemed to appreciate her less formal approach to teaching. She challenged them to engage with the material in a different way, by putting what they have learned into their own words instead of having it all memorised. Samira was also impressed with how quickly the students adapted to her teaching style, considering they were used to something quite different.

At the start of the course, Samira assessed the academic needs of the students based on their entry surveys and adjusted her course accordingly. For instance, seeing that they wished to gain insight into conducting research, Samira introduced a topic of academic research to the curriculum.

For the upcoming week the staff at Avadh has asked Samira and Alisha to deliver some extra lectures. They will be delivering the lectures in a joint event for approximately 200 students from different universities around Lucknow and across the state.

“The teaching staff at Avadh has been extremely welcoming and accomodating, and leave us with a lot of freedom in terms of teaching, and this has made the experience very pleasant” – Samira

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