Adapting to the Environment, Delivering Lectures and Exploring the Culture of IPAM

The third day of PROWIBO’s 2019 course in Freetown, Sierra Leone did not start without its challenges. Following a rainy night and a power outage at the university, professors had to work through the conditions brought on by the weather with the help and engagement from students.

Following a power outage during a lecture, professor George Richards used the flashlight on his phone so students could see him, as the classroom was quite dark as a result of the heavy rains.

Mark Horne reported that in spite of the power cuts, the university still provided a “rewarding environment to lecture in”, with the students clearly motivated to be a part of the program.

Charlie congratulated his students on demonstrating a good grasp of the key economic concepts being taught in his Finance in Africa course. He also embraced the challenges that came with translating economic text books into the reality on ground in Sierra Leone.

Charlotte expressed that she is really enjoying her lectures so far and that the students seem extremely friendly and engaged. “My most interesting experience has been learning from the students about how the political system works in Sierra Leone. Surprisingly, they all seem very keen to hear about Boris Johnson and Brexit, which I thought I might get a break from over here!” said Charlotte.

George teaching at IPAM

The market district in Freetown following an overnight rainfall. Photo by Majeks Walker.

Many thanks to the administration of IPAM, as well as Charlie, George, Mark, Charlotte and Majeks for making the most out of the experience!

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  1. Thank you very Prowibo. I’m among those who is currently benefiting from the lectures.. guys are really great..

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