Announcing New Donor: Bridge the Gulf

Professors Without Borders would like to thank Bridge the Gulf for its donation. Bridge The Gulf (BTG) is an organisation that stands for shared opportunity, linking of cultures and bridging education between UK and GCC. It seeks to promote positive dialogue between young people in Britain and the Gulf. With BTG, we want to link communities in education, entrepreneurship, culture and arts. We want to forge new friendships and encourage new business partners. We want to be the conduit that binds the UK and the GCC together, in a shared vision of opportunity. PROWIBO and BTG, together, are committed to bridging the educational gap around the world. With their support, PROWIBO will continue to design and implement summer schools programs around the world to ensure that every student has access to quality higher education.

James Monckton of Bridge the Gulf attends Professors Without Borders’ first conference, Higher Education in the Age of Transformation.


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