Beginning Week Two at ARU: What is An Epicentre Manager?

The second week of our summer school at the African Rural University (ARU) in Kagadi, Uganda is officially underway! Please enjoy this video diary from Rachel, where she introduces us to some of the Epicentre Managers, who are attending our short course!

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In the video, we are introduced to three epicentre managers: Biira Grace, Anakuya Mary Goreth and Owampaire Mackline, who are studying at ARU. After a short introduction, three Epicentre Managers share what their job entails. According to them, the job of an epicentre manager is to transform communities by identifying viable projects to strengthen their communities. They inform the younger generations on sustainability and help make a critical and better choice for the sustainable welfare of the community.

Many thanks to all who participated in Rachel’s video diary. Stay tuned for more video diaries from the team.

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