Call For Papers

Call for papers

Professors Without Borders is leading a new project on Games-Based Teaching for Higher Education. The objective is for this to become both an academic publication and an open access toolkit, in the spirit of achieving quality education for all. The toolkit will be focused on teaching skills across a wide range of sectors such as, but not exclusively, entrepreneurship, civil society, design thinking, STEM, law… These learnings will be transferable across sectors due to the focus on teaching skills. Some of the skills may include communication, teamwork, critical analysis, problem-solving and active listening. Each game/interactive session will be built around a particular context in order to teach a set of specific skills. Each game/interactive session will also have an information brief regarding the application in that context as well as possible recommendations on how the sessions can be altered to fit a different context. 

Contributors will be asked to share a ‘game’ or hands-on exercise that they created for the students. They will need to explain the exercise, the learning outcomes, how these were achieved, how the students learnt and responded, any obstacles or unforeseen results, and how the exercise can be transferred to other contexts. ‘Chapters’ should be no longer than 4,000 words, preferably less. 
Should you wish to contribute, please send us a 250 word abstract by April 30

The deadline for final submission is 31 August.
Please find our concept note in attachment. We would appreciate if you could also circulate this call for papers within your community. 

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Concept Note


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