Communicating through Card Games, Examining Students’ Ideas of Ethics, and a Warm Welcome from the Staff of ARU

Our third short course at the African Rural University (ARU), an all-female university in Uganda, has gotten off to a terrific start! Please enjoy the following video diary from Rachel, where she walks us through the first  day of classes.

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For her first class, Rachel divided students into groups and had them play cards together under a different set of rules, mixing the groups up afterwards and asking each group not to communicate with the other groups. The exercise is a great experiment that shows how important communication is and how one established set of rules or values does not automatically invalidate others.

At the second part of the class, Rachel asked students to get into groups and examine their ideas of ethics, including where ethics comes from, who creates them and if they change overtime. Afterward each group presented their conclusions to the class for further discussion.

We are very honoured to report that the staff of ARU, including the Acting Dean, have informed our team that they will be attending all the PROWIBO short course classes!

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