Conducting a Field Visit, Reflecting on URDT, and a Campus Tour

PROWIBO’s summer program at the African Rural University (ARU) is officially underway. On Sunday, Chandni and Andrew arrived safely in Kagadi, Uganda. Today, they had quite the eventful day getting to know the campus and the local community.

Andrew and Chandni visited the family of an Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (URDT) student and spoke with them about how URDT has benefitted their daughter’s learning.

Andrew chats with the family of a URDT student.

Moreover, the team visited a women’s savings group. The group’s current epicentre manager is a graduate of ARU. The group hopes to use her expertise to improve their visions.

Chandni with the women’s savings group.

Andrew and Chandni also took time to visit the studio of a new television network. Andrew will be starring in a program on the network that will launch in the next month.

Andrew prepares for the show at the network’s studio.

The first day of classes at ARU begins tomorrow. We wish our lecturers luck for their first day of teaching!


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