Developing SMART goals, Testing Prototypes and Reaching the Halfway Mark of Our Short Course at Karamat

We are officially halfway through our final week of classes at  Karamat Husain Muslim Girls PG College in Lucknow, India.

On Wednesday the students worked in groups to develop a SMART goal related to one of the solutions to the social issues they had previously identified for Georgiana‘s policy advocacy class. It was a complex process as it took a lot of drafting and redrafting. Towards the end of the day’s sessions, students also had to create a timeline for achieved objectives, and list the material and human resources they needed, as well as anticipate the groups and factors that might oppose them.

Students doing for their policy advocacy class.
Working on their tree social issues project.
Georgiana’s Wednesday class.
Working on their social issues exercise.

In Kasia‘s mid-week Design Thinking session, the teams tested their prototypes. In doing so, students were tested in some of the elements they have been learning for the past one and a half weeks, including public speaking, interactions, and feedback. Kasia recorded several videos of the students to analyse the development of these skills during the next class. Some of the teams developed strong solutions to very serious societal issues (starvation, unemployment, hygiene), while others found very innovative ways of presenting the issue and solution (through role-playing).

Design Thinking Wednesday’s session.

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