With Carrier’s generous support, Professors Without Borders can continue to cover the travel costs of lecturers to our programs all around the world. During the 2018 program cycle, Carrier funded the travel costs of additional professors to our summer schools. Moreover, Carrier has committed to coordinating the travel arrangements for future summer schools.

Bridge the Gulf

With the support of Bridge the Gulf, PROWIBO will continue to design and implement summer schools programs around the world to ensure that every student has access to quality higher education. PROWIBO and BTG, together, are committed to bridging the educational gap around the world.

Dr. Rau Stiftung

The grant from the Dr. Rau Stiftung enables Professors Without Borders to continue its programmes in Sierra Leone, Uganda and India in 2021, bringing opportunities in professional skills development to hundreds of young adults. The foundation supports the basic necessities of life of the underprivileged sections of the population in the Third World, primarily by providing funds for the sick, for the prevention of diseases, for the promotion of family planning, the emancipation of women and primary education. It is a privilege for Prowibo to be awarded this prestigious grant.

St. George’s International School

In September of 2018 students from St. George’s International School in Luxembourg took part in a colour run, where participants raised funds for two organisations. Professors Without Borders was honoured to be one of the selected organizations. The generous support from St. George’s School helped PROWIBO fund our summer school programs for the 2019 cycle.

LynxOr Global Limited

LynxOr Global Limited is a UK-based corporation that aims to provide businesses and government clients with long-term support and guidance to the Third Sector. Moreover, LynxOr Global’s services include expert guidance to empower business, community, and philanthropic leaders to succeed.


UBS is generously supporting our charity Professors Without Borders as we expand our operations and focus on up-skilling students around the world. These donations are a force multiplier as they enable us to grow our organisation. Thank you UBS for your support of our work!

Terrestres Servo Coronas TSC

Terrestres Servo Coronas was founded in 2016 to proactively support charitable projects in the Commonwealth and United States of America. We would also like to thank all of our private donors, whose commitment to higher education allows us to continue to grow and expand our programs to institutions around the world.