Our Partners

Professors Without Borders relies entirely on voluntary contributions and sustainable partnerships. Our partners’ share our commitment to higher education and with their help, we have continued to expand our mission around the world.

Alhambra-U.S. Chamber

As an implementation partner, the Alhambra-U.S. Chamber facilitated our agreement with the Karamat Husain Muslim Girls P. G. College for PROWIBO’s 2018 program in Lucknow, India. Professors Without Borders and the Alhambra-U.S. Chamber are both committed to improving the quality of education around the world through academic partnerships.

Gulf Futures Center

Gulf Futures Center supports PROWIBO and our mission by helping us to develop our future agenda for research and conferences. Their support was instrumental in the development and execution of PROWIBO’s first conference, Higher Education in the Age of Transformation. Both Gulf Futures Center and PROWIBO share an interest in further development through education and we are looking forward to pooling our experiences and resources to create the best learning opportunities for people around the world.


Lecturers Without Borders (Sci-Ed Network)

Professors Without Borders and Lecturers Without Borders (SciEd Network) are committed to empowering young people through education. In partnership with Lecturers Without Borders, PROWIBO hopes to expand and strengthen our programs and outreach efforts around the world.

LSE Ideas

As a top university affiliated think-tank in Europe, LSE Ideas offers an extensive base of resources for PROWIBO. As a partner, LSE Ideas helps us to expand the reach of PROWIBO’s own think tank, ThinkTank Without Borders, by assisting us with our conferences around the world and by connecting us with research associates.

Mayarie / Sitepress

Mehran Karim’s team at Mayarie helped develop our Online website enabling us to bring guest lecturers from around the world to classrooms throughout the Covid-19 crisis.



Seventy7 was instrumental in the design and publication of PROWIBO’s second and third Annual Reviews.

A special thanks to  Will Hedley and his team at Anatomy London for putting together our branding and first annual review.