Examining Power Structures, Creating Visual Representations of Social Issues and Hitting The Midway Mark at Karamat

We are officially halfway through Week 1 of our short course at  Karamat Husain Muslim Girls PG College in Lucknow, India.

Despite some heavy rains and a few absent students, our team soldiered on and the course continued as planned – with a few creative adjustments by Kasia, who lost her voice and had to improvise!

On Tuesday students in Georgiana’s session focused on power and different styles of leadership. The lesson also included energiser exercises, which the students seemed to really enjoy!

On Wednesday students picked up speed in both courses! In Georgiana’s session they learned about the basic elements of advocacy and during Kasia’s session students got to create visual representations of various social issues, such as pollution, discrimination, literacy and employment.

Students going through their PROWIBO booklets.
Students on their third session of Georgiana’s short course.
Students working in groups for Kasia’s class.
Students doing work.

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