Exploring a New Environment, Examining Social Enterprises and Exchanging Advice

Our professors have hit the ground running on the second day of our summer school at African Rural University (ARU) in Kagadi, Uganda! Please enjoy this video diary from Rachel where she sheds the spotlight on Akbar and his first session!

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Today Akbar delivered the first session of his course titled “Leading, Accelerating and Sustaining Social Change”. During the course, students will take business principles and apply them to a social context in what is called a social enterprise.

In his first lecture, Akbar explained the different models in a social enterprise and had students share some of their real-life problems so that they could design better solutions to them together.

According to Akbar, students have shown a lot of engagement and enthusiasm for the course! Some have even stayed behind after class to seek personal advice, notably a student named Mary, who works on a social enterprise in her hometown and wanted to know more about how she could improve on that.

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