February Fundraiser News

In February 2018, we held a fundraising event in St. John’s Wood, London.  A big thank you to Tessy, Ena and Caroline for providing a terrific array of food and beverages for our buffet.

We were happy to have had leaders from the fashion industry, wealth management, travel agencies and the manufacturing sector in attendance. Our co-founder Princess Tessy de Nassau gave a speech to our attendees presenting our upcoming summer programs, our ambitions for Professors Without Borders and the importance of education and philanthropy.

This event was held to raise funds for our upcoming summer schools in order to ensure the continuity of our work. Attendees were presented with the offer to either sponsor a specific professor or an entire school, if they so desired.

It was a wonderful event to spread the mission of Professors Without Borders to these various sectors. We would like to thank everybody who was in attendance, and especially Tessy’s two princes, Gabriel and Noah for volunteering at the event!

We hope to see everyone at our next fundraising and networking event!

This year we have raised over £20,000 GBP to fund our summer schools in Sierra Leone, Uganda, India and Thailand.

Thank you to all our supporters for their generosity.



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