Reflecting on Our First Week at ARU

The first week of our short course at the African Rural University (ARU) in Kagadi, Uganda has come to a close. Enjoy Rachel’s latest video diary, where she and her students share their impressions on the programme thus far!

Watch Rachel’s Video on YouTube

Two students share their thoughts on Week 1 of our short course at ARU. Twinamasiko Justine, who is an Epicentre Manager said that they had to read a lot for the course and learned how to set and sustain their own projects. Once back at her community, she promised to encourage other members to study their own projects and develop them. Kyomuhendo Happy Annet, a first year student, learned new ideas on how to start her own business from interacting with people in her classes.

Rachel also shares her own thought on the experience, saying that despite having taken on extra work covering for a professor who couldn’t make it to the programme, the first week was fantastic.

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