Final Presentations

Students did they final presentations today, showing off their toned research skills, their confidence in making verbal and visual presentations and demonstrating keen teamwork.

Each course enjoyed presentations from our Summer School students and the classes were packed full.

An eager audience, learning from each other

In Till and Matt’s class on Design Thinking, the students received personalised feedback with tips on how to further improve their analytic and presentation skills. This is important for their future work and takes place in a positive and confidence-building environment. Ena, watching the presentation, said “the design thinking group had a very good grasp of the subject and process” with topics ranging from developing the Student Union to doing projects on their Demo Farms. They demonstrated both storytelling techniques and strong analytical skills in their presentations.

Till and Matt giving feedback

Matt working with a group of students

Students presenting on Civil Society

Philippa proudly standing by her students

Philippa with students’ presentations in the background

We have observed that the students have grown in confidence and enjoyed engaging with new subjects, exploring cutting-edge research from our textbooks and applying it to their existing knowledge. There was much controversy over the presentations on human rights, and still some work to do on backing conviction with facts and arguments. Nonetheless, students report a highly enjoyable experience with professors “who care”. Sadness was expressed by all at the end of our first Summer School at African Rural University.


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