Free Online Event: Coursera with Yale’s Dr Laurie Santos.

As Covid-19 continues to have a huge emotional impact on our communities, PROWIBO would like to help in finding ways to cop during these unprecedented time.
Join us for the first-ever Coursera Live event with Yale’s Dr. Laurie Santos this Monday, March 30th, at 12 p.m. E.T. (9 a.m. P.T.).

Dr. Laurie Santos, a Yale psychology professor who has taught 1+ million Coursera learners how to use research-backed strategies to boost their well-being, will answer your questions in real-time.

We’ll discuss specific tips for prioritizing your mental well-being during this time, including:

•Staying connected while social distancing or sheltering in place

•Building healthy habits, like daily meditation, to cope

•Managing anxiety around the pandemic

• Your questions!

Sign up to join this free event and get answers to your questions. Even if you can’t attend, if you sign up, we can send the recording your way.

We wish you all good health, safety, and happiness. Hope to see you Monday.


1 thought on “Free Online Event: Coursera with Yale’s Dr Laurie Santos.

  1. I am late in responding so I missed the event, but I am wondering whether I might still be able to have access to Dr. Santos’ remarks. Will you be posting a link to the recording? Thanks so much!

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