Getting Political

Our students in Uganda have been getting political both locally and internationally. Thanks to Ena’s invitation, the local MP Hon Mussana Eric visited African Rural University  on Monday. He patiently answered the students’ questions for three hours. A true politician, our professors remarked that “he seems very involved in the community”. The visit led to a lot of debate among our academic community who argued about the merits of corporal punishment for teachers missing class and people skipping work. Fortunately, the discussion in Philippa’s class took place in the green around a table under a tree.

Discussions with Hon Mussana Eric

On Tuesday, students got their first taste of Model United Nations as they explored ways for tackling youth unemployment in Africa. Students were asked to research and prepare the positions of their country on the topic and negotiate a resolution to pass in a model United Nations simulation.

Students had to learn the preambulatory phrases and operative phrases of UN Resolutions.


Presenting on Youth Unemployment


Debating the resolution.

Attending countries including China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Denmark with Russia as the observer.

We were proud of the creative solutions and strong presentation style of our pupils.


Our resolution on Youth Unemployment.



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