Getting to know the first all-women’s university in Africa

We have been incredibly impressed by African Rural University, the first all-women’s university in Africa and recipient of the Ashoka award in social enterprise. The university offers an innovative and much-needed development program that empowers women thereby having a large knock-on effect on the entire community.

Playing with Till’s drone, everyone loved it!

For our first day at the university, the staff invited us to introduce ourselves at the local radio, KKCR 91.7FM. It is partnered with Farm radio international and it was an honor to join them in their morning coverage.Ena at KKCR91.7FM

We learned that every Sunday, the community meets to discuss local issues and challenges, working together to overcome them. We toured the beautiful countryside and met farmers in the village that the university works with. Charity showed us around, she is a community leader for the village and an ARU graduate.

Area around ARU


Philippa, signing the guest book

Making new friends with Charity, Ena and Philippa.

We wore our finest dress and were greeted with such big smiles and beautiful outfits, it was a glorious display of colors and styles. Till brought out his drone to show off. He is using it to collect footage of our work in Uganda and make a film of our experience in the country.

The university is working with the community to build houses for everyone. By 2035, the objective is that everyone has a home like this one:

With such a talented and hard-working community as we have seen today, there is every reason to believe this goal will be met! Good luck!


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