Observing Travel Behaviour, Pitching Environmentally Friendly Projects and a Joint Lecture on 21st Century Teaching Skills

Student presentations

Our team has hit the ground running during the second week of PROWIBO’s programme at Avadh Girls’  P.G. College in Lucknow, India.

Even though the week only began on Tuesday (as Monday was a school holiday), it already started at full-speed with Samira giving additional lectures for the departments of Anthropology and Geography. Her lectures focused on the connections between transport and cities and how both have interplayed in shaping the history and present times of humankind. 

During the previous week, Samira designed a small, travel, behaviour survey for her students in her Spacial Economics. The purpose of the survey was to serve as a research methods assignment for the students. At the start of this week, the students came back with interesting findings. For example, the students observed that, overall, women prefer to travel in groups and that active transportation is generally used for shorter distance travel.

For Alisha’s Design Thinking course students had to form groups and present their environment-friendly plans to the class. Their ideas included bike-sharing, refill/zero-waste stores, seed paper, electric buses, sanitary bio-degradable pads and ride-sharing amongst college students. The winner of the best presentation will be announced this Friday.

Students presenting their pitch for Alisha’s Design Thinking class.
Presentation on how to improve the environment.
Another pitch being presented at Alisha’s class.
Students pitching their idea to the class.
A group of students pitching their seed paper idea.

The students were judged based on three criteria: how much the project focused on a human-centred design component, the quality of the team-work and the development of interpersonal skills and the level of presentation and pitch engagement. 

On Wednesday evening, Alisha and Samira delivered an engaging joint lecture on Teaching Approaches in the 21st Century for over 200 teachers and students from Avadh as well as other universities in Lucknow.

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