Online Academic Resources During COVID-19

Libraries are closed and the struggle to find academic sources is real. But we’re here to help. Take a look at our list to see what databases have made select content free during this time.


Due to lockdowns and social distancing protocols writing that 3,000-word paper just got a whole lot harder, libraries are closed and academic journals and peer-reviewed material that is free are limited online. But don’t worry! We at PROWIBO have compiled a shortlist of databases that have a vast amount of journals, and e-books that you can access from the safety (& comfort) of your couch (or bed, we’re not judging).

Because of COVID-19 databases like JSTOR or libraries like the British Library have made their databases freely accessible to the public so that students, professors, academics and others can access the materials safely.

Take a look at our list of databases that have made their content FREE.

If you don’t see a database on here that you know has opened up its databases for the public, let us know so that we can add it!

JSTOR – academic articles, scholarly journals and more
Select open access to material online without a login needed until 30 June 2020

Oxford University Press – research, educational, English learning and academic resources
Full page with other resources available here.

Cambridge University Press – journal articles, book articles and academic textbooks
Access open to the public for free until May 2020

Scribd – ebooks, magazines, audiobooks and more
Access free without subscription for 30 days

PubMed – biomedical literature, abstracts on biomedical and life science topics


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