Teaching Midwives, Resolving Disputes and a Cultural Tour

Our summer school program in Freetown continues to pick up the pace! This week has been groundbreaking. Not only did we launch our summer school program at Fourah Bay College and IPAM, we hosted a workshop on infectious disease prevention strategies at the College of Medicine and Health Services. Our teachers have had a fantastic week of presenting lectures covering the subjects of Public Health, Conflict and Peacekeeping, Global Finance and Business Law.

Our team meeting with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Sierra Leone.

After arriving in Freetown on Thursday, our team got the chance to meet with local personnel for each program. Over the weekend, they met with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Sierra Leone in preparation for Vanessa’s health workshop at COMAHS. Additionally, they met with Dr. Lakoh, the IPAM coordinator, and the Chief Librarian of IPAM.


PROWIBO Intern Mucktarr Raschid helps pass out textbooks on the first day of classes.

Mucktarr, an alumnus of the 2017 summer school in Freetown and a PROWIBO intern, is currently assisting our professors with this year’s program. Mucktarr has provided great support for the team and is very pleased with the first week of the program.

“The program is going on smoothly. I’m really having fun while doing something I love.”-Muckarr

PROWIBO Co-founder Majeks Walker gives a lecture on ADR.

Majeks gave an insightful lecture on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for students at IPAM. In the lecture, Majeks discussed in what situations to pursue ADR and the key dimensions of ADR, such as choice of law and choice of forum.


Vanessa’s lunch: Jollof rice and fish

Luckily, our team did manage to have some down time during their first week. Following her incredible workshop on infectious disease prevention strategies, Vanessa was able to explore the local food options in Freetown.

“Jollof rice and fish, my favorite dish!”-Vanessa


We are so pleased with all of the positive feedback we have received about the program! One week down (almost), one week to go! Stay tuned for more updates from our team and make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter to photos and videos from SL.



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