Overcoming hurdles and a warm welcome in Uganda

A landing in Uganda full of thrills and hurdles. And our team has been amazing!

After being told our textbooks were being ‘held’ (by whom? where? why?), contacting every person we could think of at the shipping company, in politics, our partners at the university…, we finally managed to retrieve them thanks to the outstanding negotiating tactics of Ena, our lecturer in global politics.

Our team united and ready to go!

First day on the ground, our team ran around Entebbe to every DHL shipping store to find out how to get the 40 books we hand-made for our students this week. We were told everything from “paying customs duty” to “I can get them for you but it will cost 100USD”… it turned out to be an 8USD ‘withholding tax’ and a whole deal of trouble!

Our textbooks made it!

Never fear, our team was up to the challenge and was picked up by John Mary, African Rural University’s chauffeur-extraordinaire! We managed to fit all our bags in his huge trunk, and after hours of drive, made it to the welcoming arms of ARU’s staff.

ARU’s John Mary came to pick up the team.


Getting ready for a well-deserved night of sleep… au revoir!

Bedtime, safe under the net!




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