Panellist Spotlight: An Interview with Henry Adams

Henry Adams was the youngest panellist to participate in Teaching Tech to Gen Z. The 12 year old a gamer is part of the YouTube culture, particularly via mobile channels. Henry joined the first panel that discussed the challenges and opportunities of ‘Teaching Tech’. We spoke to Henry about the conference and his experience as a panellist.

How did you feel about being a part of an event with people of different ages?

It was nice hearing what people of different ages and generations thought of things like YouTube and gaming which have been lampooned in things like the news recently, which I don’t think is fair. However, after talking to people who are five or six years older than me still knowing channels like VSauce and The Game Theorists that I really enjoy and learn from most of the time when they do upload videos was really nice.

What did you take away from the experience?

That a lot of people don’t understand how YouTube works and how entertainment will be in the future and just blindly hate on things that they don’t understand, but I also took away that there are a lot of people who don’t and do understand and aren’t just blindly opposed to it, which made me feel much better.

In your opinion why was the event important?

I think that it was important because I was able to express my opinion about something that is unfairly represented in the media, but is actually very important to my generation. There seems to be a generation divide and it is really necessary to include the voices and experiences of the participants in this online world. 

Many thanks to Henry for sharing his insights!

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