Press Releases

October-December 2020

UNDP Project on Empowering Youth for a Peaceful, Prosperous and Sustainable Future in Kosovo

Press Release: PROWIBO Publishes Conference Report and Video on ‘How to Dismantle Barriers Faced By Black Talent in Academia’

June-September 2020

PROWIBO Publishes Conference Report and Video on Higher Education in the Time of COVID19

April-June 2020

Press Release: PROWIBO Achieves U.K. Charity Status

January-March 2020

Professors Borders Publishes a Paper Examining Early Predictors of Student Academic Performance

October-December 2019

Press Release: Professors Without Borders Publishes Conference Report on Teaching Tech to Generation Z

Press Release: PROWIBO publishes book review examining the educational heritage of Ancient India

July-September 2019

PROWIBO returns to India to deliver two short courses

April-June 2019

Professors Without Borders Publishes Second Book Review

New Study from Professors Without Borders Examines the Impact of Stereotypes on Academic Performance

Announcing New Partnership with LSE Ideas

PROWIBO returns to Thailand to deliver its third short course

January-March 2019

Announcing New Partnership With Lecturers Without Borders (SciEd Network)

Professors Without Borders Publishes First Book Review

October-December 2018

Carrier Announces Its Support For Professors Without Borders

New Study Reveals the Impact of Faculty Diversity on Graduation Rates

Professors Without Borders Publishes First Conference Report

July-September 2018

New Study Reveals How to Improve Student Performance in School Using Behavioural Science

April-June 2018

New Report Evaluates the Impact of Ebola on Higher Education in Sierra Leone