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First 2017 Partnership for Summer School

March 1, 2017


Professors in a Changing World

June 24, 2016

 Friday 24 June reminds us that learning to be versatile in a changing world is one of the most useful skills professors can teach their students. Learning about the past and the status quo is one thing, but adapting to new challenges, new options and choices is something that each individual must be prepared for, at home, in schools and in the work place.

New partnership with Richmond University

June 15, 2016

Congratulations to our amazing team and new academic partners! Richmond University Student Council has become our first academic partner in the UK and is supporting our efforts with their generosity and academic support. Special thanks to Damien Ashton-Wellman for all his support in enabling this initiative.


Partnership Signed with Sierra Leone

23 March 2016

On Saturday 19th March the Board of Directors of Prince of Wales School in Freetown Sierra Leone met and ratified the partnership agreement between their school and Professors Without Borders. They officially agreed to the dates of 16 to 31 July as the dates for our pilot summer school in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and confirmed they will be providing us with the following logistic support.

1. 4 classrooms
2. An Administrative office
3. An Administrative Staff; and
4. 50% of the Students who will be participating in the summer school.

We are delighted the will be a part of this unique venture and we hope to build a long lasting partnership with the school over the next 5 years.

Progress with Education

3 March 2016

Professors Without Borders is a concept we created because we believe in the power of education. This is not new. What is unique is our expertise in developing programmes that stimulate young adults and prepare them to face the challenges of tomorrow with spirit, optimism, and imagination.

We also focus on developing educational partnerships with the world. A sort of reverse brain-drain where we send our enthusiastic professors to meet and teach young adults in Africa and engage with other educational experts in each country to build on each other’s knowledge and experience, fostering long-term relationships.

 Our first port of call in Freetown, Sierra Leone. After the Ebola crisis, we want to be part of the success of this country and believe that educating our young citizens, encouraging their curiosity and imagination and giving them the tools to succeed in realising their dreams.