PROWIBO in the Press and Reflecting on our First Week of Teaching at Karamat

The knot game

Kasia and Georgiana’s first week of teaching at  Karamat Husain Muslim Girls PG College has officially come to an end, as the college will be closed on Friday due to a religious holiday.

The professors at Karamat kindly put together a library exhibition for our team, lending Georgiana a book about India’s history afterward.

Library exhibition at Karamat Husain Muslim Girls PG College

Yesterday Georgiana’s session added onto Wednesday’s discussion about the basic elements of advocacy, the stages of advocacy processes and policy-making, and the importance of building support, political will and coalitions. To illustrate the key points of the lesson, Georgiana had students play a game where they identified a social issue they cared about and then passed on a ball of yarn to another student who cared about the same issue. The game continues as the students identify more problems they would like to see solved. As a result, the students created a physical web that illustrated the power of networks, and how people who care about the same issues can achieve a lot if they combine their skills and knowledge in order to come up with a viable solution.

Georgiana standing in the middle of a web of thread, which represents the importance of networking in combating social issues.
Students participating in Georgiana’s game, where they had to throw a ball of yarn to support each other based on their mutual interest in a social issue.

The students also enjoyed playing another energiser game in between the different discussions and case studies!

Georgiana’s students studying.

In Kasia’s session she divided her class into two sessions of a Design Thinking exercise. To not make it too abstract for students, their exercises included power postures, public speaking and active listening.

Students doing work for Georgiana’s class.
Students working.
Students presenting in Kasia’s class.

We’re also very excited to share that a local press organisation in Lucknow published an article on PROWIBO, which discusses the inauguration session and our partnership with Karamat!

Our team has nothing but praise to give students at Karamat, who have shown consistent engagement and motivation throughout this first week! “It’s a pleasure to work with these girls… I can’t express this enough,” says Georgiana.

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