PROWIBO Spotlight: An Interview with Ellie Danak

Ellie Danak is PROWIBO’s Career Development Manager. After taking over the Career Development page in late 2018, Ellie has used her broad knowledge of best practice in skills development and experience of using digital platforms to make the Career Development Page more accessible and informative. 

What do you hope readers take away from the Career Development page and your articles?

My biggest hope is that they inspire our students and tutors to take time out and reflect on their learning, goals and ambitions, and use the tools in their own teaching/studying. Also, I would like to encourage them to try out something new, whether it’s an innovative teaching method or a different approach to their next essay. I would be delighted to hear from both tutors and students about what they have found interesting or inspiring and include their stories on the Career Development page.

What is the biggest misconception about career and professional development?

One of the biggest misconceptions about career and professional development is that we often have a fairly narrow notion of success which is often linked to top grades and highly paid jobs. A more helpful way of thinking about one’s career development would be to reflect on what drives us and what we value in our lives and then look at what skills we need to develop to achieve our goals. Most of us will spend years and years in our certain careers so it is extremely important to think about what you would like to devote your time to. Also, it’s worth remembering that our learning never stops, so if you have a flexible mindset and stay open to development opportunities and working with feedback, you’ll do just fine! Lastly, your development is not just linked to a classroom course, but it could be a book you have read, a podcast you have listened to or a mistake you have made, as long as you can articulate to yourself and others what you have learned from that particular experience and how you can apply your new skills in the future.

What has been the most interesting article, series you have written so far?

I find all of them interesting but the article “Fail Boldly” was one that resonated with me in particular, as I have experienced a lot of and have learned from all my failures and rejections. While it’s not always a pleasant experience, it’s inevitable and an extremely valuable development opportunity. To be honest, I’ve learned much more from my failures, than successes, because every time I failed at something I really had to analyse what went wrong and what I could have done better. Success is great and can help build up one’s confidence but there isn’t much to be gained from it in terms of learning. So I hope our readers will be keener to accept their failures, however big or small, as part of their lifelong learning and development. Happy failing everyone!

Many thanks to Ellie for sharing her insights!

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