Prowibo Summer School Tour: Uganda

We hope you’re enjoying the tour so far. Remember to follow our live blog this summer to hear updates from all of our professors. The third stop on our tour is the African Rural University in Kagadi, Uganda.

Founded in 2009 by the Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (URDT),  the African Rural University (ARU) serves to empower young women of rural communities through education and skill development, so that they can serve as leaders and innovators in their communities.

ARU’s methodology consists of the visionary and creative approaches, which allow students to serve as the main actors within the development process and utilize critical thinkings skills to ensure sustainable approaches to rural development.

 Our team of professors are committed to ARU’s mission of skill development and have designed courses to challenge students’ critical thinking skills. Courses include: “Why we think what we think (about others) – An Introduction to Cognitive and Social Psychology”,  “Running good research: an introduction to experimental methods”, and “Negotiations and Entrepreneurship”. Course workshops include designing projects, participatory action research, negotiations and decision-making.Additionally, we are offering a faculty training course, which will discuss mentorship and  coaching, participatory action research, research grant writing, scholarly writing with use of APA, learner centered teaching approaches and report writing, and assessment development and evaluation. Our program at ARU will run from August 19th until September 1st.


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