Returning to Lucknow, Hitting the Ground Running and An Inaugural Session to Mark Our Second Short Course at Karamat College

On Monday 19 August 2019 PROWIBO officially launched our second short course in Lucknow, India at Karamat Husain Muslim Girls PG College. This program marks our second programme taught at an all-women university this summer!

A banner announcing the start of PROWIBO’s second Summer School at Karamat.

Our team of seasoned PROWIBO lecturers Georgiana Epure and Kasia Hanula were welcomed with an inaugural session held at Karamat College.

Inaugural session welcoming our team to Karamat Girls’ College.

Everything went well on the first day, with the students showing a lot of excitement and the staff of Karamat being extremely accommodating! “These young women are wonderful and I’m so excited about the next two weeks!” Georgiana gushes when talking about her students.

Georgiana posing with one of her students.
Georgiana teaching her first class.
Students engaging in an activity for their first class on the leadership and policy advocacy course.

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