Our Team Hits the Ground Running in SL

Yesterday, Professors Without Borders’ summer school season began in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Our team hit the ground running after arriving in Freetown on Thursday evening. They visited the campuses of Fourah Bay College and IPAM over the weekend and met with university personnel.

All of teachers observed that the students are attentive, curious, and deeply engaged in class discussions. We even received feedback from a local WHO Consultant, who was very impressed with our workshop led by Vanessa at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

We want you to share in our excitement, so we are going to take you on an official PROWIBO photo tour of the first day of classes.

Manal gave an engaging lecture on public health to students.

Sabrina’s course on conceptions of peace in international interventions prompted students to critically engage with questions of justice, ethics, equality and development.

“In my 3 classes, there were many questions about justice and equality in development/IR.”-Sabrina

Vanessa led PROWIBO’s first health course for midwives and nurses. Vanessa helped participants strategise disease prevention efforts.

Charlie, a veteran of the Sierra Leone program, gave a thought-provoking lecture on Global Finance for students at IPAM.

One day down, thirteen amazing days to go! Stay tuned for more updates from our team over the next two weeks.

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