Sharing Course Expectations, Developing Business Plans, and A Warm Reception

Our summer school program at Karamat College and our workshop series at Sanatkada are off to a great start. Now that our lecturers have some time to relax and plan for the week  ahead, we wanted to give a quick update on the past three days.

Philippa, Suzanne, and Rachel are overjoyed by how bright and engaging the students are. They are also enjoying their homestay in Lucknow. “Nishi has given us an incredibly warm welcome and shared a lot of knowledge and experience with us from her research in education,” said Philippa.

To begin the summer school program, our team took time to explain to the students about what PROWIBO does. They also encouraged students to share their expectations and wishes for the course.

Suzanne exploring the college’s library.

On Thursday, Philippa, Rachel, and Suzanne conducted their first workshop at Sanatkada, where they worked with workshop participants to develop business models for the main units of the organization.

The Sanatkada craft store, where the team is conducting workshops.

Today, Philippa, Rachel, and Suzanne conducted group activities to discuss how the students learn best and what they need in their learning community.

“We’re here to facilitate and be part of their learning experiences, and hopefully to support building skills which will be relevant to them both at Karamat and beyond. It has been a pleasure to work together with teachers and students here.”-Philippa


Many thanks to our team and our local representatives. We wish you luck in the upcoming week of classes. To stay up to date on our program in Lucknow, make sure to follow our blog.



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