Showcasing our students’ work

As the Summer School in Uganda slowly comes to an end, we would like to showcase some of their best work.

Students have been thriving in their team projects and came up with their favourite mottos for life. Our top pics were “appreciate anything you have. You can use it to inspire the world” and “it is the decisions we make that make us who we are”. We’re posting these on Facebook so everyone can share in this wisdom.

Group work: Students preparing to present their resolution in our Model United Nations simulation

We were so impressed by how students applied concepts they had learned in just one week and faithfully presented country positions (many from countries they had never heard of!) in the MUN simulation. Kazakhstan was referred to sometimes as ‘that country’ as the pronunciation was difficult to many students.


Group presentations in Philippa’s class on Civil Society


Lively discussions in roundtable form


Personal notes from our conscientious students


Story corner, where students share their thoughts


Engaging with the world

Keep following us to hear about our students’ fantastic final presentations on topics such as “Negative Peace in South Africa”; “the Mixed Legal System in Nigeria”; “Structural Violence in the United States”; “Human Rights and how they help Societies Develop”.


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