Sierra Leone Partnerships

With the wish to expand in West Africa, our co-founder Majeks has established and developed valuable partnerships with three different organisations, which are directly located in Sierra Leone: Restless Development, 50/50 Group of Sierra Leone as well as the Institute of Public Administration & Management (IPAM) at the University of Sierra Leone.


As Majeks has already established Prowibo’s partnership with IPAM at the University of Sierra Leone, the upcoming summer school this year will again be held with their support and cooperation.


For the first time this year, Prowibo will go beyond working with a university, and will shift its focus towards the public sector. Hence, Majeks developed a partnership with 50/50, which is an organisation promoting gender parity through training and advocacy. The 50/50 Group is a non-partisan organisation, advocating and campaigning for an increased political participation and equal representation of women in decision-making processes and initiatives at all levels in Sierra Leone. Majeks has met with their president, Dr. Fatou Taqi, in order to partner with them while fulfilling educational needs among women as well as to put women in leadership position within the public sector. This group in particular is working throughout all areas of Sierra Leone, helping women all over the country. Gender advocacy and equality through education.


Through Majeks work, Prowibo was further able to team up with an organisation called Restless Development, which is a youth organization. Restless Development works with young people so that they can lead in solving arising challenges. Whether that means supporting communities to end child marriage or prevent HIV, they work with young people to change their lives and the lives of people in their communities. Prowibo will contribute to this great outlook by running workshops on leadership regarding public health, ethics and corruption as well as conflict resolution.


Prowibo is very excited for such great partnerships, as it will be its first time operating outside the university sector and to contribute to local communities!



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