Style Guide


All fonts should be black.
Use the default font, don’t change it.
Use “Paragraph” for the body text you create.
Left align all body text and headings.

Use “Heading 1” for headings.

Use “Heading 2” for sub-headers in your body text.

Headings should be black.

If you want to insert a quote then type the text into the post or page, select it, then press the blockquote button above the text editor window. All quotes should be in this style.


If you insert an image in the text, please make sure it is left or centre aligned and sits between two lines of text, not with text flowing round it.

Please also insert a Featured Image for consistency of layout.

Grammar and Tone of Voice

  • Prowibo is an international organisation so international English should be used wherever possible.
  • The tone of voice should be accessible but informative and clear but not dumb.
  • Try not to use slang.