SWU 2019: The Student Highlight Reel

At the 2019 PROWIBO summer school at Srinakharinwirot University (SWU) in Thailand, Rachel Warnick taught a 5-days course titled “Contemporary Communications”, where students had to analyze the global and regional applications of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by taking part in exercises, such as a Community Walk and a Modern Media Activity.

Enjoy this highlight reel of the students’ video projects from PROWIBO’s summer school at SWU:

In the Community Walk exercise, students had to walk around campus and identify some of the potential challenges to the SDGs in their own community. The students in Group 6 noticed that inefficient trash disposal was a big problem around campus, and as a solution proposed that the university start spreading more information on the threat of trash mismanagement for the environment.

Walking around Bangkok, students also noticed that the excess of construction sites throughout the city also pose a challenge to the SDGs, as they account not only for the destruction of animal’s natural habitats but for the increase of earth’s temperatures.

For the Modern Media Activity, students were required to combine their knowledge on SDGs with personal perspectives and create a 2-3 minute video inspired by their community walk. Students in Group 9 tackled gender inequality when addressing global citizenship. They acknowledged that gender and LGBT rights are not always culturally accepted, but that if gender equality is in disparity it can create problems in society. As a solution, they proposed the implementation of unisex toilets.

Many thanks to RachelTessy, Dr. Sipim Sornbanlangour conference panellists, the administration of SWU and the students for a fantastic program.

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