Cultural acclimatization in Freetown

Professors got to try some fry fry and rica akara, among other delicacies! Photo by Yanoh

We are about to kick off our second week in Freetown! It’s been an incredible experience for our lecturers, who have had time to reflect on their first week, their relationships with the students, and the town.  Keep reading for some of their amazing experiences, and drool-worthy photos!

The weekend started early in Sierra Leone with the students providing some local delicacies as a thank you for the PROWIBO team.

Professors got to try some fry fry and rica akara, among other delicacies

The students brought some local food to our professors for lunch!

The professors have all faced some challanges, in particularly with the scheduling inconcistensies, and not having the same students in their classes every day. The students have been exceptional in the midst of everything, and they are eager to learn so they make every effort possible to be present in the different classes and workshops offered. The professors have been blown away by the enthusiasm of all the students.

Yanoh teaching one of her 3 Friday classes!

The students who attended [the courses] were curious and eager to participate. They went along with the coursework and group activities with gusto despite one student telling me that she had never done such an exercise before (I asked them to do one sentence describing the geography of where they are from before relation geography to international politics). – Joanne

Joanne giving a student feedback out of the patio

The group dynamic of the team in Freetown seems to have made all the difference as well. Yanoh writes to us:

I enjoyed the group dynamic and have enjoyed working and living with Joanne and Charlie over the past week. [Over the weekend] Joanne and I went to have lunch at one of my friends house , we also went to a local tailor so we could be ready for Africana Friday! Charles hung out with a relative of his.

Joanne and Yanoh overlooking the Fourah Bay College Law School

It’s also definitely not all work and no play! The weekend was greeted warmly, and the team got some much needed R&R!

Some relaxation was definitely needed after a tough but invigorating first week!

Some tourism was done at River Beach despite the low cloud and heavy rain

Both Yanoh and Joanne have written to us that the experience was been rewarding and that despite things not going according to schedule, they have had amazing opportunities to engage with students. Their experiences have given us a lot of ideas about improvement for next year, and we are thrilled to receive updates from them every day. Stay tuned for the opportunities week two at Fourah Bay College brings! So far it’s shaping out to be a rainy and gloomy Monday, but we will keep our fingers crossed that blue skies come out soon. We will keep you updated.

Charlie teaching some of his enthusiastic students. Bring on week 2!


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