Our Ambassadors

Have a look at our amazing ambassadors from around the world. We are very grateful to enjoy the support of these incredible individuals.

Dr Auma R. Obama

Born and raised in Kenya, Dr Obama studied in Germany, obtaining a Masters degree at the University of Heidelberg, completing her doctorate studies at the University of Bayreuth and also graduated from the Berlin Film and Television Academy.

She has lived and worked in Germany and the UK before going back to Kenya to work for the humanitarian agency, CARE International. A key component of Dr Obama’s work at CARE was the creation and coordination of the “Sport for Social Change Network”, an initiative that brought together grassroots organizations from various countries (East Africa, Egypt, Bangladesh), using sport – with a special focus on girls -, as a tool for positive social behavior change.

Dr Auma Obama is the Founder, Director of the Sauti Kuu Foundation that seeks to give a voice to financially and socially disadvantaged children and youth. Using a Self-Help Model of intervention the Foundation works to unlock their potential and enable them to improve their lives.

In addition to this Dr. Obama has held/ holds the following positions: Trustee of the Jacobs Foundation 2011 – 2015, Councillor of the World Future Council based in Hamburg and London (2015 – Current) , Patron of Storymoja International Festival, Kenya (2014 – Current) , and to the WeLT Business Club, Berlin (2017). Dr Obama was also a Trustee of the Stiftung Lesen (German Reading Foundation), 2015 – 2017, a Council Member of the Kilimanjaro Initiative, Kenya, since 2014, on the Advisory Board of the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Solidarity, University of Vienna, Austria, 2018 (Current), and the Initiator of the Sauti Kuu Act Now Youth Awards 2015

2010 Dr Obama became a published author, when she wrote her memoir ‘Das Leben kommt immer dazwischen’, first published in German and then in English in 2012 titled ‘And Then Life Happens’.

Dr Obama is also an awarded international Speaker, who has given numerous presentations worldwide on sustainable Socio-economic Growth and Development, with special emphasis on the relationship between the ‘Developed’ and ’Developing’ World.

An alumni of the Rockefeller Foundation‘s Bellagio Centre Residency Program, Dr. Obama has been awarded numerous prizes for her work.

Vicky Lee

Vicky Lee founded her lifestyle blog, Sorabelle, in 2016 with the aim of sharing her secrets to lifelong beauty, fashion and style from London. She quickly established herself as a highly sought-after lifestyle expert, frequently appearing in many international publications such as Vogue, Tatler, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Luxury Lifestyle, Reader’s Digest and more. Her loyal fan base of 18,000 followers continues to rapidly increase and has propelled Vicky into brand ambassador roles for numerous leading luxury brands.
Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Vicky moved to the US to pursue a master’s degree at Cornell University. Her entrepreneurial career began soon after when she founded a hi-tech startup company in Silicon Valley. Her latest endeavour, Sorabelle.com, is a leading authority on Korean beauty, London fashion and lifestyle trends.
When asked why Vicky wanted to be an advocate for PROWIBO, she expressed that ‘If we cared for each other more and used the platforms we’ve been given, the world would be a better place. That’s why I want to support PROWIBO.’
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