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Professors Without Borders (Prowibo) seeks volunteer professors and educators who would like deliver inspiring virtual and in-person higher education experiences.

Courses that are always in demand include communications, entrepreneurship, leadership, and business; but we are open to all ideas that help students develop skills to support them in their academic and professional development.

We never send our professors somewhere we haven’t been to ourselves and a full risk assessment is carried out for each country carefully before we decide to hold a programme there.

If you’re interested in teaching one week, two weeks, or periodically, please leave your details below.

Please note we are currently fully staffed for 2023 programmes. 

"It was exciting, it was energetic, and it was also, for me, very educational. I have to say I was so impressed with the leadership and management of this programme. It was really just outstanding."
Bob Eckhart
Volunteer Professor for 2022 Nigeria and Uganda Programmes

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(For Example - Impact of epidemics on nationalism; Economic policies for a more equal society; How to start a business in Nigeria)